The afterlife of Clay Shaw: On the only man ever indicted for JFK’s assassination, and what it did to him. The story Oliver Stone ignored.

The Guardian of Death in the City of Death: The 40-year-career of New Orleans’ eccentric Coroner, famed locally for playing the trumpet in his white suit and alligator boots.

50 years after plane crash left no survivors, a legacy still remains: How local legend swirled around a plane that crashed under mud in Lake Pontchartrain, to be never fully recovered.

How a Lynda Benglis sculpture sat, for 30 years, in a Louisiana sewage plant: A lush, dark avant-garde work sits in a smiley and sunny suburban city, ignored

Nearly a decade after Hurricane Katrina hit the Lower 9th Ward: A legacy of loud, media-driven change and the lasting silence of high weeds and torn-up houses


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